Lipstick on Teeth?

lipstickWhenever I go to parties, sometimes, I notice that my friends keep on looking at my lips. I thought at first, they find my mouth quite attractive or kissable (yeah, I wish!) But one time, I finally gathered up my courage and asked a friend why she and the others look at me. She grabbed my hands and we went to the nearest restroom.

Lo and behold! When I was in front of the mirror, I finally saw what the others were silently teasing me about. My lipstick is on my teeth! Sheesh!

Yes, somehow, my lip color always keeps ending up on my teeth and what a sight it really was. I was so embarrassed. After the party, I immediately told my make-up artist / aunt how can I prevent this from happening again? This is what she said:

“Be really exact about your lipstick placement. Avoid going inside your lips pr it’ll rub off onto your teeth. Here’s the tricks you and I need to know:

1) Fill in lips three-fourths of the way with liner,
2) then tap on loose powder, which absorbs excess oils.
3) Trace over with lipstick, and blot to smooth out sharp edges.
4) If you don’t have a mirror handy, stick your index finger in your mouth (form an O shape with your lips) and pull out to remove any excess lipstick.

Really simple steps, you can do it right now, right in the comforts of your home! I just did and after an hour of talking, I didn’t notice any red lip stain on my teeth. Effective!

How about you? DO you have any tips on how to prevent lips stains on your teeth? Share your experiences below. Have a great week ahead!


Forever.. Or Not?

Ian-Somerhalder-Sexy-Vampire-PHOTOSIt’s November, and for the past 5 years, I usually get excited during this month because my favorite book-to-movie franchise is usually shown on theaters. (Yeah, yeah, I’m referring to Twilight, you can close your eyes now)..

But not this year, no, not anymore.

One night, I did watch the last installment (Breaking Dawn Part 2) on a cable channel and there’s one thought that crossed my mind:

If someone, like say, a scientist, was able to concoct or make a pill that could make you exist forever or for all eternity, would you take it, or not?

In my opinion, the thought of living forever seems like a great idea. But once you outlive other people, you get sad, and lonely, and weary. And then you’ll realize, living forever isn’t great at all. I believe that there is an end to everything and accept that reality. Vampires be damned!

How about you? Would you take a pill that could make you live forever?


Carrie Underwood Changed Outfits How Many Times at the CMAs?


and all her outfits look amazing!

Originally posted on Style News - StyleWatch - People.com:

Carrie Underwood 2013 CMA dressesFilmMagic; AdMedia/Splash News(3)

Think the wardrobe department was impressed — or impossibly exhausted? (Maybe a little of both?)

Carrie Underwood changed looks a staggering 10 times Wednesday night at the CMA Awards, bringing a whole array of designer looks to the stage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

After hitting the red carpet in a sparkly, sheer nude gown (and that oh-so-high hair), the night’s co-host changed into a brown minidress with leg wings (not pictured) to deliver the opening monologue. Next up: equally sparkly Badgley Mischka pants (this is Nashville, after all), a tummy-baring top and blinged-out headband to poke fun at the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke excitement of the VMAs. Sure, Carrie sported a foam finger, but we can’t imagine her ever slipping into that nude latex two-piece.

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From English Soaps to American TV Series

Originally posted on Abigail Robyn Brown:

Sorry I haven’t done any posts in a while, I have been quite busy with university and have not had much spare time.

I was watching Once Upon a Time In Wonderland the other day and realised that I recognised the actress playing the red queen, she used to be in Hollyoaks. It’s not the first time a soap star has mad the transition onto American TV series and thought why not do a blog post about English soap stars who are doing well since leaving English soaps.

c5f61eec-1a53-4706-8d9f-53853699b1e6  Emma Rigby      Emma-Rigby-Once-Upon-Time-Wonderland-Interview

Emma Rigby is most known for playing Hannah Ashworth in long running British Soap Hollyoaks. She starred in the soap from 2005-2010 and her biggest storyline included her character suffering from anorexia ad her struggle with her eating disorder. The 24-year-old actress is new playing in ABC’s new show Once Upon A Time In Wonderland ad the Red Queen.

snf3077a-280_496952a1  Roxanne McKee  

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I miss the sun!

I’d gladly trade my sweaters for a day tanning under the sun. I know, I know… The sun’s rays would give me skin cancer, so I suggest wearing sunscreen when going out.

Anyway, I have just been to Saint Tropez last weekend with some friends and we had lots of fun! Hoping to get in touch with them again soon!


Best Dressed Ladies

Best Dressed Ladies

Love the colors, love the hues, love the long gowns, love the girls! These ladies rocked the red carpet, in my opinion. I’ll watch the replay of the Emmy Awards again later.