my all-stars collection

Okei Dokie mates! as promised in my previous BLACK Girls Talk entry last week, here’s my collection of Converse All Stars aka Chucks. Some people have commented that I have a “pricely” collection; but believe it or not, I only bought one pair and the others were simply gifts to me!! Anyway, let me present to you my Chuckies 🙂

As I have mentioned before in my earlier entries, i have Blue , Purple, Gold and Green Converse shoes but this is my ultimate favorite among them. Here’s Black Chuck. I bought it on my second 13th month pay, back in year 2001.. picture taken more than 10 years ago.. sleek and shiny.. but now, it doesn’t look that shiny anymore. I don’t usually use this lately.. I think I wear it once a year only because I don’t wanna damage it further.

Meet Mean Green Chuckie. My father sent it to me on my birthday of 2002. He sent it through FedEx and I was really happy because it was gorgeous and I was touched because my dad remembered my favorite color. These green pair are my next favorite!

Here on the left corner, a gift from my husband during my pregnancy with Austin (2005). Yep, I wasn’t classy nor dressy when I was carrying my first-born. I was comfortable wearing loose garterized pants and usually matched them with sneakers. I think my husband bought me a pair when he noticed I was having a hard time with my sandals because my feet were growing – part of getting fat during pregnancy, i guess!

And he knew that I was starting my small collection of Chucks that’s why he bought Bluey for me 🙂

My next favorite color is purple.. When I saw this perfect purple Chucks in a mall (July of 2007), I simply just couldn’t resist it. Sadly, I didn’t have enough bucks at that time as I wasn’t really planning on buying a new pair of shoes so I let them go.. But on Christmas of that same year, my sister Dorothy surprised me with these! I almost  forgot that I was with her when I first saw Purple Chucker . Imagine my shock upon opening my gift that Xmas Day!

But wait, there’s more! My other sister Wynona also bought two pairs of Baby Chucks for my two kids! we we’re all wearing Chucks during the New Year 🙂

and here’s Goldie… My last Chuckie pair. My brother Ethan sent these on a package early this year (March 2010).  Ethan is in the U.S Navy and is currently based in Japan, but before he was sent away on the high seas, he sent me these golden Chucks along with a stash of books (again)!

Lately, I’m thinking of buying a new pair next year – I’ll try Chucks in Pink … hmm… what do you think??


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