“Ouch, don’t step on my foot!!!” I usually utter those words at school when I wear sandals. Sometimes, wheb the boys get rough, they run around the campus, not looking to where they’re walking. But because I am a short girl, being only 5’6″, they act like they can’t see me at all. That’s when their big feet “accidentally” stomp on mine.

Truth is, I am not really a shoe person. I don’t collect stilletos nor wedges, eventhough I know I need those due to my height shortage. Why? Because I don’t feel comfortable walking around on my heels. I am much rather at ease with my sandals and sneakers.

A week ago, I got my latest pairs of sandals from Miami. My cousin MJ was with me, we were supposed to buy 1pair each, but we ended up buying two instead. Yay!


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