Hair-dry, or Air-dry?

Recently saw this on StyleNews/People Mag online and I just want to share:  Jennifer Aniston Often Doesn’t Blow Dry Her Hair


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This maybe shocking! Maybe not. Actually, I do not blow dry my hair too. It’s okay. What I do however, is to go in front of the electric fan and let my hair fly away. As simple as that!

No need to go on low-drying your hair when there isn’t a need. In fact, did you know that blow-dryers actually damage your locks? It’s true. So it’s better to air-dry than to blow-dry. But I know you are concerned with the frizz that air-dried hair causes.

Here’s the tip: During the night, take a shower or just wash your hair, then instead of using a regular towel to dry your hair, use an old shirt or your pillow case to dry it. This will help control the frizz.

Another thing, if you prefer to make it softer, try applying a light-hold product or use a leave-on conditioner. And most importantly, refrain from brushing or combing her hair while it’s wet.



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