Indian Miss America

She’s proven that not only white caucasians can make it to the big Pageant scene. Even though she had been recently slammed because of her race, Nina Davuluri stood high and proud when she was finally proclaimed 2014 Miss America.

I want to applaud Nina for keeping her cool steadfast personality amid the controversies surounding her. I’ve seen that she had been a sport whenever she received criticisms about being an Indian or being from a terrorrist country. My Gawd! You would think the citizens have deftly played the “no racial discrimination” principle, but the truth is, they’re still out there. “They” who still cannot accept the fact that people are equal, in race, rights, freedom and opportunities.

Anyway, Nina Davuluri is the proof that a dream can come true. For those unaware, Nina actually battled weight issues when she was younger. I saw the pictures, she was quite heavy for a girl but she made it through the rain. She exercised, she worked out, she didn’t do any SouthBeach diet, she survived! Look at her now, gorgeous, slimmer but still down-to-earth. And even though she spent most of her life in the United States, she still acknowledged her roots, and now she is the pride of the Indian people. Congrats, Nina 😉


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