Forever.. Or Not?

Ian-Somerhalder-Sexy-Vampire-PHOTOSIt’s November, and for the past 5 years, I usually get excited during this month because my favorite book-to-movie franchise is usually shown on theaters. (Yeah, yeah, I’m referring to Twilight, you can close your eyes now)..

But not this year, no, not anymore.

One night, I did watch the last installment (Breaking Dawn Part 2) on a cable channel and there’s one thought that crossed my mind:

If someone, like say, a scientist, was able to concoct or make a pill that could make you exist forever or for all eternity, would you take it, or not?

In my opinion, the thought of living forever seems like a great idea. But once you outlive other people, you get sad, and lonely, and weary. And then you’ll realize, living forever isn’t great at all. I believe that there is an end to everything and accept that reality. Vampires be damned!

How about you? Would you take a pill that could make you live forever?


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