Lipstick on Teeth?

lipstickWhenever I go to parties, sometimes, I notice that my friends keep on looking at my lips. I thought at first, they find my mouth quite attractive or kissable (yeah, I wish!) But one time, I finally gathered up my courage and asked a friend why she and the others look at me. She grabbed my hands and we went to the nearest restroom.

Lo and behold! When I was in front of the mirror, I finally saw what the others were silently teasing me about. My lipstick is on my teeth! Sheesh!

Yes, somehow, my lip color always keeps ending up on my teeth and what a sight it really was. I was so embarrassed. After the party, I immediately told my make-up artist / aunt how can I prevent this from happening again? This is what she said:

“Be really exact about your lipstick placement. Avoid going inside your lips pr it’ll rub off onto your teeth. Here’s the tricks you and I need to know:

1) Fill in lips three-fourths of the way with liner,
2) then tap on loose powder, which absorbs excess oils.
3) Trace over with lipstick, and blot to smooth out sharp edges.
4) If you don’t have a mirror handy, stick your index finger in your mouth (form an O shape with your lips) and pull out to remove any excess lipstick.

Really simple steps, you can do it right now, right in the comforts of your home! I just did and after an hour of talking, I didn’t notice any red lip stain on my teeth. Effective!

How about you? DO you have any tips on how to prevent lips stains on your teeth? Share your experiences below. Have a great week ahead!


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